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2000+ Uses

Official List of 2000+ Uses

From Gum and Crayon Removal to Preventing Rust and Loosening Stuck Parts.

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Sports & Recreation

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Drives moisture from wet bicycle chains
Spray on snow chains to keep from rusting
Lubricates go-cart gears
Keeps horseshoes from rusting
Lubricates metal joints on pool cues
  • Loosens track shoe spikes
  • Lubricates wheels on compound bow
  • Allows for easy removal of arrows from targets
  • Lubricates wheels on portable batting cages
  • Lubricates leather gasket of Coleman stove
  • Lubricates stationary bicycles
  • Lubricates snaps to make putting on boat top easier
  • Lubricates folding mechanism of golf pull-carts
  • Lubricates bicycle shocks
  • Lubricates runners on diving board to make fulcrum move
  • Eases removal of bicycle training wheels
  • Lubricate sections of telescoping golf ball retrievers
  • Lubricates swivel on swing set
  • Lubricates training wheels
  • Lubricates amplifier knobs
  • Lubricates sailboat shackles
  • Lubricates bicycle brake pad hinges
  • Lubricates mountain bike derailleur
  • Lubricates rotating weightlifting seats
  • Lubricates folding tent pole joints
  • Lubricates cams of compound bows
  • Lubricates moving parts of cross country skis
  • Lubricates folding parts of collapsing golf clubs
  • Lubricates belt drive for golf cart to stop shuddering on startup
  • Lubricates raccoon traps
  • Lubricates rowing machines
  • Lubricates wheels on power wheelchairs
  • Frees rusted trailer hitch pins
  • Lubricates rusted umbrellas
  • Frees rusted locks on tackle boxes
  • Loosens rusted nuts on volleyball net
  • Lubricates rusty pogo sticks
  • Lubricates rusted parts on snowmobile tie-down bars
  • Loosens oar locks on rowboats
  • Spray on trailer hitch to prevent squeaks while towing
  • Stops squeaks on Tonka trucks
  • Stops squeaks on walking casts
  • Quiets squeaks on baby strollers
  • Stops crutches from squeaking
  • Keeps stationary bicycle pedals from squeaking
  • Stops squeaks on elliptical machines
  • Quiets fastening mechanism on snowshoe crampons
  • Stops squeaks on weight bench
  • Stops squeaks on swing sets
  • Stops squeaks on backpacks
  • Removes squeaks from sky gliders
  • Removes squeak from deer hunting stands
  • Spray joints of metal tent posts to stop creaking due to wind
  • Lubricates the oar joints in racing shell
  • Stops squeaks on rollerblades
  • Stops squeaks on power air pump
  • Removes squeaks from shin guards
  • Stops squeaks on training wheels
  • Stops squeaks on bicycle seat coils
  • Stops squeaks on ski boots
  • Stops squeaks on bicycle seat posts
  • Spray old leather shoes and the leather will become soft and pliable
  • Removes stiffness from dried out leather gloves
  • Spray in rubber over-booties to make putting them on easier
  • Lubricates rubber part of sandals for easy repair (putting plastic back into designated hole)
  • Reduces friction on cardboard box for mini-hockey game
  • Softens stiff leather sandals
  • Helps break-in tough hi-top shoes
  • Eases application of rubber racquetball racquet grips
  • Spray on golf gloves to stop them from drying out
  • Eases installment of rubber hand grips on home exercise equipment
  • Helps break in shoe portion on new roller skates
  • Lubricates paintball gun barrel
  • Lubricates inner tubes for faster sledding
  • Eases installation and removal of tent stakes
  • Helps break-in baseball mitts
  • Spray on fingers to make smoother finger-spinning for freestyle Frisbee players
  • Spray on foosball game parts for easy assembly
  • Helps break in softball mitts
  • Helps break in leather gun holsters
  • Gives bowling balls "less grab" on the lanes
  • Aids attachment of spars to sail of kites
  • Lubricates inside of handgrips to ease installation
  • Rub into hands before touching lures or bait to disguise human scent
  • Spray on sharpening stone to help sharpen speed skates
  • Spray onto golf tees to penetrate hard ground areas
  • Spray on fishing line to keep line from becoming stiff
  • Lubricate arrow inserts for easy replacement
  • Softens plastic hockey stick blades
  • Spray on slip and slide to enable baseball sliding practice indoors
  • Softens stiff ice hockey skate boots
  • Lubricates racquetball racket grips prior to installation
  • Helps remove stubborn rust from tow ball
  • Spray on snow chains to keep from rusting
  • Cleans gunk from travel trailer siding
  • Keeps trailer hitch receiver and insert looking new
  • Keeps RV slides rust free
  • Cleans salt-impregnated ice from the soles of Doctor Marten's boots
  • Lubricates hinges and wheels on toy wagon
  • Lubricates window hinges on horse trailer
  • Lubricates zippers on bowling bags

Browse these Uses: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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